Best Product Management Tool for Your Business in 2020

Management is about efficiency. The fundamental aspects of good management include the ability to allocate resources appropriately, evaluate tasks, stimulate a team, meet deadlines, and achieve profitability. A Product Manager has to take care of many things as part of his daily work routine:

  • Creating roadmaps of ideas and facilitating collaboration over them.
  • Providing the development team with user stories to facilitate solutions and their application.
  • Optimizing the Product Strategy and streamlining it through Product Roadmaps.
  • Planning timely execution and release of the Product.
  • Facilitating quality communication between the various verticals such as the CEO, Engineers, Sales and Marketing team, Customers etc.

To ensure that everything succeeds clearly and efficiently, as a product manager you can fall back on the various advanced tools for optimizing tasks and product. Hundreds of platforms are available to simplify, manage and streamline workflows. If you are not familiar with these software kits, then you can look at our detailed overview of the top 10 popular & successful product management tools.

1. Asana

Asana is a widely preferred product management tool and comes equipped with many features, indispensable for a product Manager or his team. This software basically aims at facilitating management of the Teams involved in the Product. Its free version offers features for up to 15 people.

asana product management tool

Image Source: – Asana

Asana Free offers its users task management interfaces, pages for creating projects, and a calendar. It is also provides easy attachment of files and seamless interaction between the collaborators on the platform.

For more complex tasks and larger staff, companies can opt for the premium version of Asana that specifically facilitates more nuanced and detailed tasks management he task management. You can trace the growth of the project using Diagrams and make Project Reports easily. You can create personalized fields for each employee and organize your work in a well-defined chronological order.

As far as data protection is concerned, Asana is considered relatively secure. Personal data from the EU or Switzerland are collected, used and stored under the guidelines of the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework or the Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework. Access to security features such as Google SSO or SAML is only available in the paid editions. However, as with most SaaS / PaaS apps, Asana comes with a disclaimer and the user himself is responsible for their data security and that of the company.

2. Trello Product Management Tool

Trello is one of the most widely used product management tools in the market, and all because of its accessibility. This software requires no download and its manipulation can be done directly online. You can access the platform from any device – desktop, laptops, android phones and even your iPhone.

Trello software is designed to facilitate the management of the tasks of professionals as well Novice Product Managers. It offers simple interfaces to use with tables and maps. Infact, tables are the basic format for management and planning provided by Trello and they can be modified as needed.

You can use each column to add works essential to the development of the project at hand. The principle of the cards is to enumerate each task by inserting the description, the name of the person who will execute it, the attachments and others. It is even possible to share the board with other people in the team. They will receive task notifications regularly.

Trello has a paid version also with other additional assets such as optimized file size, enhanced data security, etc.

3. Atlassian Jira

JIRA by Atlassian is a very large and powerful application management application. The origin of Jira can be traced to classical software development and bug tracking.

The product management system has been successfully operating in the market for over 15 years now. Thanks to this experience and extensive functionality, JIRA is used by many Fortune companies: PepsiCo, CERN, LG, Electronic Arts, and Thales.

product management tool

Image Source: – Jira

Initially, Jira was a bug tracker, that is, a system for monitoring errors in the program code. But a lot of companies adopted it as an efficient product management tool. It is suitable for teams using the Scrum and Kanban methodologies. Today, being well-versed in this tool is a basic requirement for getting recruited as a Product Manager.

Jira also allows integration with other tools and provides advance filters that can be customized. The developers love this software as it allows them to see the project processes at the required scale. You can also extend its functionality with the help of plugins.

4. ProductBoard

ProductBoard is a powerful platform that helps bring together materials to create more effective product development decisions. This tool allows you to structure the results of qualitative research. It is ideal if you are looking to find patterns in user behavior and prioritize the most popular product features. If suddenly your team has lost focus, then this tool will help to return it. You can save time by no longer having to spend resources by creating features that your users don’t need!

5. ProdPad Product Management Tool

ProdPad is a brilliant product management tool and can play wonders if you are trying to prioritize ideas within a company. Based on roadmap themes, ProdPad will also help the team not to lose focus. ProdPad is your go-to tool if you are not from a product management background. It allows any employee of the company to see what priorities the team has allocated for itself. This significantly helps to reduce confusion and quicken the product development process.


Image Source: – ProdPad

The service also provides features like soliciting feedback from users and linking the same with ideas in the backlog. This is an incredibly useful feature when you need to explain why the team is working on some particular features or bugs. In the right hands, ProdPad can add great value to the product team and company as a whole.

6. Roadmunk

Need product management software that can support your tasks? Try Roadmunk, a highly rated online software program offered at $ 19.00 /month /user and rated 5/5 by product managers. This management tool helps in visualizing your strategy and creating a roadmap for your product. It enables the team to effectively collaborate in managing and planning the future steps of the product.

rodamunk product management tool

Image Source: – Roadmunk

All you have to do is go to the internet and your program will be accessible through the software as a service or SaaS model. Once you are done with this, Roadmunk allows you to enjoy features like Filters, Support (phone, email, ticket, Chat) and Reports.

7. Zoho Projects

This is another online management tool that is worth test. Zoho Projects is handled remotely by internet browsing. However, its most powerful features are offered only to subscribers. As a paid service, Zoho Projects is a completely thorough platform and ideal for complicated Project Management. The platform allows task planning, follow-up and simpler interactions between the working teams.

Zoho Projects is a complete project management application. The success of a business relies on its organizational interfaces with its schedule tables and calendars. It regularly updates the company’s statistics by developing Gantt charts and reporting. The biggest advantage is the highly efficient collaboration interface provided through exchange of comments on shared documents.

8. Basecamp Product Management Tool

Basecamp is an all-round solution for companies when it comes to successful product management tools. It ranks among the best management tools of the market. There are now more than 8 million projects managed by the platform. It is a reliable and highly efficient management solution that automatically performs all tasks related to the organization of a project.

basecamp product management system

Image Source: – Basecamp

Basecamp is suitable for both small and large teams. Due to the wide range of functions, some training with the platform is necessary to use it efficiently. Basecamp is an overall powerful project management app. It also offers an application compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone. However, you will have to be willing to pay sooner or later because you can only use Basecamp for 30 days for free.

9. Wrike Product Management Tool

Wrike is also a very popular and effective management tool when it comes to the management of a product in any company. Once you are done with the registration process, you can use it for free. However, this version is limited to only 5 users. Wrike product management tool works exclusively on the cloud. The online organizer has been specifically designed to simplify project management for team leaders. It has many features to lighten the burden related with management tasks of the product.

The Wrike project management platform proposes to plan the tasks necessary for the development of the activity through an interactive calendar. The company can go through this management tool to properly allocate tasks and save time. Monitoring and Reporting are done automatically, depending on the desired configuration.

As a management platform, Wrike’s interfaces are fully collaborative. Internal teams subscribed to the tool can access tracking or comment on the data as well.

10. Slack

Slack is a leading industry tool for collaboration over projects. Project management at Slack is mainly about communication channels such as chats and project threads. Individual chat sessions between members of the team are placed in separate channels as well as conversations that break away from the main threads. With Slack, no communication process is lost. Also, Slack enables one-to-one conversations by video and videoconferencing in the group (paid “standard” and “plus” versions).


Image Source: – Slack

Slack is especially useful if your team is looking for a fast and efficient internal communication tool. By integrating multiple apps and bots, Slack can be upgraded to extend its functionality.

What tools do you use?

We hope this compilation will help you in choosing the right tool for your Project Management Needs. Our company  specializes in Project management. We provide premium and technologically advanced Project Management solutions to scale your product to its maximum capacity for unbelievable returns. Let us know more about you and your project management requirements here.

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